The city of Nanaimo is a leader in recycling

Metal is 100% recyclable.
Acting as good stewards to this planet,
we strive to reduce, reuse, and recycle.
We also encourage our customers to bring back scrap metal so we can dispose of it in an environmentally friendly manner.


  • affordable
  • experience
  • integrity
  • longevity
  • quality
  • service

W estwood Metals Ltd. specializes in architectural sheet metal and has been delivering high quality products for over 25 years.

Our success can be attributed to our desire to always exceed industry standards. Our committment to this goal is reflected within the the company from the foundation up.

Westwood Metals Ltd. fosters an atmosphere of growth and community within the workplace as well as in the community.

Westwood Metals Ltd. believes in giving back to the community and does so via various means.
One consistant avenue would be the sponsoring of charitable orginizations such as: