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Westwood Metals Ltd. is a member of the Vancouver Island Sheet Metal Contractors Association.

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W estwood Metals Ltd. is pleased to offer you an architecturally pleasing presence with a bold statement via the Aluminum Composite Panel.

The unique look of the composite panel blurs the line between function and art.
So much so, every day the panels are making a stronger presence within the interior of structures.

Aluminum Composite Panels

The Aluminum Composite Panel compliments various diverse atmospheres lending itself to a wide variety of architectural designs.

It’s inherent qualities offer the designer a wide range of possibilities in respect to its application, while still maintaining a straightforward installation.

Aluminum Composite Panels are manufactured with 2 sheets of aluminum separated by a thermoplastic compound core material. This provides the product with an extraordinary flat surface, high strength to weight ratio, virtually no oil-canning, and exceptional flexural strength.

When considering Aluminum Composite Panel on your project, contact Westwood Metals Ltd. for exceptional results.